Essential Clothing for the Angler

Sure, there are those days when a pair of shorts and a t-shirt are all you need. Get out there and go fishing! But sometimes you need a little more protection, a moderate amount of warmth and a lot more convenience. That’s when the stakes get higher and the list of clothing you need to fish at your peak gets a little longer.

Even in the area of hats the bar is sometimes set a little higher than an ordinary cap. Don’t want that rain running down your face and neck? Yeah, it may only last a half hour, but it’s annoying. Go for the one with a large bill and French Foreign Legion-style neck cape and just keep on fishing.

Of course, that will be a little easier if you’ve got a good jacket. No need to prepare for a squall. You can’t sport fish then, anyway. But a windbreaker isn’t quite enough at times like this. Go for the rainproof model lined with Thinsulate and stay dry and warm while you keep on trolling.

You’ll be able to do that a little easier if it sports lots of pockets. Fishermen can never have too many places to store things. A small pair of hook-removing pliers, scissors, that favorite knife to cut a line and other accessories all need a place to stay outside the tackle box.

Fishermen vests are made of sturdy man-made fibers that incorporate the latest clothing technology. No more zippers that rip or fail to open fast just when you need. No more Velcro strips that rip off rather than opening easily. Modern vests are indestructible. And with well-integrated D-rings, fabric loops and more they offer plenty of places to quickly stash a tool or accessory.

Naturally, a pair of waders is a must for staying dry in the river. In the middle of that stream you’ll appreciate the way modern waders are far superior to the models of the past.

Whether you need hip waders or chest waders or something that approaches a full on diving suit you’ll find all are made from the latest materials. Breathable neoprene used to be a contradiction in terms. No longer. Today, waders don’t just keep the water outside where it belongs, but wick away body moisture, too. That’s a great feature for those who love to fly fish on those Montana rivers during the summer.

Don’t forget those gloves, either. Sure, you could just cut your hands, let them get like leather, and look like a ‘real’ man. Or, you can accept that you use your hands as much at the computer during the week as you do for fly fishing on the weekend. With soft inner linings and sturdy fabric shells, they’re flexible and provide great protection.

Get outfitted today and be on your way. Leave the laptop behind. You’ve got fishing to do.

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